Improve your English in 5 minutes!

Learning a language takes time, unfortunately it doesn’t happen over night (wouldn’t that be great, everyone would be bilingual) it takes hard work, focus and motivation, motivation motivation!

This said, I do have a tip for you that will help to improve your English, that only takes about 5minutes everyday and will boost your English vocabulary and grammar.

Everyday read an article in the newspaper!

You can do this firstly by reading an article that is international (there is always something that makes the news in every country) in your ow language (this will enable you to know the story) and then read the article in English. You will notice that articles are almost identical and you can compare a lot of the vocab.  You will also be able to  find lots of grammar patterns that you practice in class!

Watching English television or listening to the radio are also very good ways of improving your English language! You can download podcasts and listen to them over and over again until you are confident you understand the topic. Also this will be relevant vocab that

If you pick up 3 new bits of vocabulary everyday , you will have 15 new words or phrases in a week! Times that by a month and then a year!!!!!

5 minutes a day is nothing, so you can fill that time with productive learning…and you cant go wrong!

Remember the key rule with learning a language; USE IT, OR LOSE IT

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One thought on “Improve your English in 5 minutes!

  1. Timothy

    Wow this is good! I think it will help me with my English!!

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