IELTS Exam Tips


1. IELTS Writing

If you write less than the minimum words, you will lose marks. There is no maximum word count – but be careful you don’t spend hours answering one question. (IELTS Task 1 = 150 words, Task 2 = 250 words)

2. IELTS Writing

Always think about timing for answers. You can score more marks on task 2 than task 1, so don’t spend too long on the first.

3. IELTS Writing

Make sure you allow about 5 minutes to re-read through your essay once you have finished to check for any mistakes. Finding mistakes and correcting them will make a good impression.

4. IELTS Speaking

Don’t attempt to prepare a speech that isn’t related to your question. There will be a specific topic given on the day – make sure what you talk about is relevant to that topic.

5. IELTS Speaing

The IELTS results reflect your communication skills – NOT your understanding of the world

6. IELTS Speaking

Make sure you speak and communicate with the examiner, not with the tape recorder.

7. IELTS Reading

You won’t have time to understand every word, make sure that you understand the main meaning of the text. If there is a word you need to understand for a question look back at what sentence and context it is in for a clue of its meaning.

8. IELTS Listening

The questions normally appear in the same order as on the tape recording. So listen carefully and don’t try to move onto the later questions until the first have been completed.

9. IELTS Listening

Stay focused, listen to the recording until the end and only look at the questions that are related to that part of the recording.

10. IELTS Academic Reading

Spend a few minutes going through each article to help you understand the topic, the purpose of the writing, the source, who the intended reader is (Do’t spend too long on this though you don’t want to lose time)

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